Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spiritual Gunk and Junk

I am constantly amazed at how the Holy Spirit enlightens us through the most ordinary experiences.

I took up residence in the dental chair one day, gripping my hands, squeezing my eyes, and enduring needle after needle of numbing solution, praying that God would get me through what was supposed to be a 45-minute, two-needle procedure that had turned into a 90-minute, six-needle ordeal.

Later, I began to ponder about how the cavities we humans need cleaned out and filled are not just physical ones. There are cavities that exist in our spirits that need the same kind of attention from the Holy Spirit as the dentist gives to the ones in our mouths.

The gunk and junk that finds its way into the healthy tooth, causing deterioration, decay, and death, is like the gunk and junk called sin that finds its way into our spirits with the same disastrous result if it is left to fester and not get cleaned out.

Like the dentist who cares for and cleans our teeth, the Holy Spirit cares for and cleans our spirits. Like the dentist who locates and drills out any decay he finds in our teeth, the Holy Spirit locates and draws out the decay He discovers in our spirits. And like the dentist who fills in the empty, waiting spaces with fresh cement, so also the Holy Spirit fills in the empty, waiting spaces with newness of life.

Both procedures happen only when we allow them to happen, and both procedures often cause pain. But the end result ~ the routing out of unhealthy matter, and its replacement with healthy matter ~ is well worth the price we have to pay.

It has been said that the health of the mouth affects the health of the entire body, and the same can be said of the health of the spirit ~ that it, also, affects the health of whole person.

So, don't forget to see the dentist regularly, and don't hinder the work of the Holy Spirit.

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