Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Normal Teenager ~ An Oxymoron?

Do you think it's possible for a teenager to be normal? I don't think I've met one yet. But then -- being incredibly, dramatically moody, sensitive, and hormonal *is* normal for this age, so maybe when my daughter tells me she's normal, there is a shred of truth to that.

To celebrate her normality, I wrote and sang this song for her:

I'm normal,
I'm normal,
At least I think I am;
I like to eat spaghetti
With lots and lots of jam;
I take my showers upside down,
I type with all my toes;
I do my breathing through my ears
And listen with my nose!

And what is normal, anyway? If it's the opposite of boring, then yep -- my teenager is as normal as they come.


  1. I LOVE it!!!!! Normal is just a setting on the washing machine anyway ;o)

  2. I guess I am quite odd. I like my spaghetti with some sort of tomato or pesto sauce. The Jam has a Buddy-the-Elf sound to me.