Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dance With Me

You still melt me
with fudgy brown eyes
once flashing with mischief,
now flooding with memories.

You still melt me
with tawny rugged hands
once caressing my spine,
now fumbling with shoelaces.

When snow falls
and bitter cold
grips my bones,
you light a fire in me
that melts even
the deepest drift.

When did we grow
this old?
What happened
to spring
and summer
and how did we not see
on the horizon?

Gaze at me again
With mischief,
touch me again
with longing.
Gather me in your arms
and dance with me,
sweep me off my feet
and twirl me
like a bride.
Whisper in my ear
that our love,
unlike age,
has no limit.

is on its way.

(A gift to My Hero on the occasion of our 34th wedding anniversary. I loved you then, I love you still.)

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