Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drawing Near

Heart pounding,
Feet hesitating,
I come ever closer.

He is so holy;
And I am a sinner.

Mind racing,
Hands clenching,
I draw ever nearer.

He is without blemish;
And I am spotted.

Nearer to the King's throne,
Nearer to the One who loves,
Nearer to the One who saves,
Nearer to the One who forgives.

Why am I so fearful?
Whom have I but the King, the One?
Is not His heart as sincere as mine?

I carry it to Him,
My feeble offering;
I lay it on the mercy seat,
And wait for His response.

Heart pounding,
Feet hesitating,
Mind racing,
Hands clenching...

I am accepted;
I am lifted up;
I am held;
I am His.

(Inspired by Hebrews 10:22 ~ Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart...)

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