Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Once Bitten, Forever Smitten

I miss homeschooling.

March was the month I would finalize my plan for the coming year and get ready to order from the catalogs I had scoured in January and February. "Christmas" arrived in April and May when the UPS truck delivered boxes of goodies to the house (yay, brown!). June meant a day at the curriculum fair to pick up odds and ends and to glean advice from the speakers. The research, the choosing, the ordering, the delivery, the fair -- aside from being able to learn alongside my children and to 'do life' with them, this was my favorite part of the adventure.

I miss those 14 years.

I believe it will take a long time for homeschooling to leave my system. Once bitten, forever smitten.

To those of you still on the journey, God bless you and your families, and set another place at the kitchen table for me ~ I just might show up for a science experiment, a history project, or an art lesson. An extra pair of hands never hurts.


  1. :) Curriculum fever is hard to get over.

    I have joined in the fun here on blogspot.... come visit any time....

  2. I am all too aware that there will be a time when I will be where you are.

    Praying for you!

  3. I so understand!!! Hugs and prayers sent your way.

  4. OOOH! Pretty template. Well done!