Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Gift

 For my mother on Mother's Day...

 The Gift

I watched the bluebirds,
royal in hue,
painted skyborne,
and wished them for you;
but no matter how sweet
their song might be,
their song is from God
and not from me.

I gazed at the daisies,
yellow and gay,
whirling like gypsies
on the brightest of days;
but no matter how happy
their dance might be,
their dance is from God
and not from me.

I stopped by the meadow,
cool and still,
smelling of spring,
at home by the mill;
but no matter how soothing
the peace might be,
the peace is from God
and not from me.

I might have despaired
at my sorry plight,
at not being able
to catch bluebirds in flight,
at not being able
to pick a bouquet
or capture the peace
of this glorious day;
but God, in His mercy,
has given to me
a gift that is greater
than all of these three.

From the mountains that tremble
to the oceans that roar,
I give you my love
for ever and more.

(I wrote this poem years ago, but it is still relevant every single year.)

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  1. that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.