Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review: Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death

Title:  Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death
Subtitle:  A 6-Week, No-Homework Bible Study
Author:  Kay Arthur, Bob & Diane Vereen
Genre:  Christian Non-fiction
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Number of Pages: 111
My Rating: 4 out of 5

My purpose in reviewing this book was two-fold. I wanted to investigate it for its possible use for during my own private devotional time; and I wanted to investigate it for its possible use in a small group study through the women's ministry at my church. Because of its content and format, I know I would definitely get more out of it by reading and discussing it with others.

Kay Arthur is a prolific author of Christian books and Bible studies through Precept Ministries International. I have read several of her books in the past and always found her content, style, and approach to be detailed and thought-provoking. Bob and Diane Vereen are also affiliated with PMI as speakers and teachers, and this is one of several "40-minute Bible studies" they have co-authored.

I will start off by saying that the description "40-minute Bible studies" is subjective. This book, though it is only six lessons long, would likely take the small group of six women I'm currently involved with a good 90 minutes to tackle (per lesson). Perhaps we are overly-opinionated or starving for discussion, but we really do take our time to dig deep into whatever we are studying. So -- it says 40 minutes, but I think that would be rushing things.

There are six lessons in this study:

*Why Do We Have to Die?
*Can We Live Again After Death?
*What Can We Know About Resurrection?
*What Comes After Death for the Believer?
*What Comes After Death for the Unrepentant?
*What Can We Know for Certain About Heaven?

Each lesson consists of a healthy amount of scripture text to read (NASB and KJV), about 30 discussion questions, additional author insights, and a summary to wrap up the key teachings presented. I particularly like that ample space is provided for taking notes within the text and in the margins. There are no homework assignments to be done outside of class, but I think that I personally would benefit from at least reviewing the lessons each week ahead of time. However, this Bible study is designed for busy people who struggle with finding time outside of class to devote to advance preparation, so that isn't required or expected.

The back-cover blurb states that "we live in an age bombarded with conflicting views," so "how can we be sure of what is true?" In my opinion, this book is an excellent introduction to and review of what God tells us in His Word about heaven, hell, and life after death. I will definitely be asking my women's ministry to offer this as a group study at my church.

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