Saturday, July 18, 2015

Houston, We Have a Plan!

Sorry I've been "missing" from the blog for a bit, but My Hero and I are busy with decluttering and reorganizing our little house now that our girls are grown and moved out.

First, we downsized the stuffed game and puzzle closet, giving most of the contents to the girls and the thrift shop. We kept a few things, like Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, etc., so we could amuse ourselves into old age. Then we moved the 14 cartons of homeschool memories and materials that had been stuffed into our coat closet into the old game and puzzle closet, freeing up our one and only coat closet to actually be, you know, a coat closet. It also now houses the vacuum cleaner and ironing board, both of which had been sitting out in plain view for an embarrassing number of years.

Our next project is to turn the playroom/bookroom into the living room/tv room. It's small, but cozy. And the current living room will become the dining room. Yes, I'm grinning ear-to-ear over this! I have never had a dining room, making do with eat-in kitchens my entire married life. Now we'll be able to have people over for a meal and not be crammed around our lovely table in a too-small space.

We also hope to bring up the washer and dryer from the basement and put them behind louvered doors in our kitchen (along with shelves above them for a small pantry). This will free up space in the basement to put in a powder room, which will make My Hero happy since his man-cave is down there. And we'll be on the look-out for a two-seater breakfast table to go in the kitchen as well for simple tete-a-tetes.

No idea how long all this will take, since My Hero is swamped with work lately, but Houston, we have a plan!

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