Thursday, December 24, 2015

Welcome to Little Golden Book Land

I finally found time to make a list of all the Little Golden Books I own. Oh, the memories of snuggling on the sofa with Sunshine and reading and re-reading and re-reading them to our hearts' content. She needs to hurry up and have a child so I can again sit on the sofa with a wee one and introduce him or her to these books that filled their mother's childhood (or perhaps I'll just have to borrow a kindergartener once a week and work my way through the books with them!).

Here are the titles:


101 Dalmatians
A Book of God’s Gifts
A Child’s Year
A First Airplane Ride
A Fox Jumped Up One Winter’s Night
A House for a Mouse
A Visit to the Children’s Zoo
Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit
Animal Daddies and My Daddy
Baby Dear
Baby Farm Animals
Baby’s Christmas
Baby’s Day Out
Bambi: Friends of the Forest
Beauty and the Beast
Bettina the Ballerina
Bialosky’s Special Picnic
Bible Stories of Boys and Girls
Bunny’s New Shoes
Buster Cat Goes Out
But, You’re a Duck
Christmas Carols
Colors Are Nice
David and Goliath
Doctor Dan the Bandage Man
Donald Duck’s Christmas Tree
Eloise Wilkin’s Mother Goose
Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Favorite Nursery Tales: The Gingerbread Man and The Golden Goose
Finding Nemo
Fire Engine
Forest Hotel
Four Little Kittens
Fozzie’s Funnies
Frosty the Snowma
Good Night, Little Bear
Hansel and Gretel
Heroes of the Bible
Home for a Bunny
How Things Grow
How to Tell Time
I Can Fly
I Don’t Want to Go!
I Think About God: Two Stories About My Day
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jingle Bells
Kitty on the Farm
Kitty’s New Doll
Lady and the Tramp
Let’s Go Shopping
Let’s Go, Trucks!
Little Golden Book Favorites
Little Golden Picture Dictionary
Little Pussycat
Little Red Riding Hood
Mickey’s Christmas Carol
Minnie ‘n Me: Where’s Fifi?
Minnie’s Slumber Party
Mister Dog
Mother Goose
Moving Day
Mr. Bell’s Fixit Shop
My First Book of Planets
My First Book of Sounds
My First Counting Book
My Home
My Little Golden Book About Cats
My Little Golden Book About God
My Little Golden Book of Cars and Trucks
My Little Golden Book of Manners
My Puppy
Noah’s Ark
Oh, Little Rabbit!
Old Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes
Peter Pan
Pierre Bear
Pierrot’s ABC Garden
Pocketful of Nonsense
Poky and Friends: Tails of Friendship
Poky Little Puppy
Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas
Poky Little Puppy Follows His Nose Home
Poky Little Puppy’s Naughty Day
Poky Little Puppy’s Special Day
Polly’s Pet
Puss in Boots
Prayers for Children
Precious Moments: Put on a Happy Face!
Rabbit and His Friends
Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Little Gray Kitten
Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy Day Circus
Raggedy Ann and Andy: Five Birthday Parties in a Row
Raggedy Ann and the Cookie Snatcher
Richard Scarry’s Best Balloon Ride Ever!
Richard Scarry’s Best Little Word Book Ever!
Richard Scarry’s Floating Bananas
Richard Scarry’s Hilda Needs Help!
Richard Scarry’s Just For Fun
Richard Scarry’s Mr. Frumbles’s Coffee Shop Disaster
Right’s Animal Farm
Romper Room Do Bees: A Book of Manners
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rupert the Rhinoceros
Santa’s Toy Shop
Scuffy the Tugboat
Shy Little Kitten’s Secret Place
Sleeping Beauty
Sleepytime A B C
Smokey the Bear
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Stories of Jesus
The Animals’ Christmas Eve
The Animals of Farmer Jones
The Big Brown Bear
The Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Tree
The Cat That Climbed the Christmas Tree
The Christmas Bunny
The Christmas Donkey
The Christmas Story
The Christmas Tree That Grew
The Color Kittens
The Colorful Mouse
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
The Cow Went Over the Mountain
The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Emperor’s New Clothes
The Fox and the Hound Hide and Seek
The Friendly Book
The Fuzzy Duckling
The Gingerbread Man
The Ginderbread Shop
The Golden Egg Book
The Jungle Book
The Large and Growly Bear
The Lion King
The Little Golden Book of Hymns (2)
The Littlest Christmas Elf
The Little Mermaid
The Little Red Caboose
The Lively Little Rabbit
The Musicians of Bremen
The Night Before Christmas
The New Puppy
The Nutcracker
The Pied Piper
The Prince and the Pauper
The Princess and the Pea
The Rescuers Down Under
The Saggy Baggy Elephant
The Sailor Dog
The Shy Little Kitten
The Silly Sisters
The Sleepy Book
The Snowstorm Surprise
The Store-Bought Doll
The Story of Jonah
The Tales of Peter Rabbit
The Taxi That Hurried
The Three Bears
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Very Best Home for Me
The Whispering Rabbit
Tawny Scrawny Lion
Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea
Theodore Mouse Up in the Air
There Are Tyrannosaurs Trying on Pants in My Bedroom
This Is My Family
Three Bedtime Stories
Three Little Pigs
Thumbelina (2)
Time for Bed
Tom and Jerry’s Party
Tommy Visits the Doctor
Uncle Remus
Uncle Wiggly
Underdog and the Disappearing Ice Cream
Water Babies
We Help Daddy
We Help Mommy
Welcome to Little Golden Book Land
We Like Kindergarten
When Bunny Grows Up
Wild Animal Babies
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Patch
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger
Winnie the Pooh: Eeyore, Be Happy!
Winnie the Pooh: The Grand and Wonderful Day
Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Tree
Winnie the Pooh: The Sweetest Christmas
Yogi Bear


Big Happy Sigh. 

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  1. you have quite a collection. The Eloise Wilkin ones are my favorite. :)